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Our business is built upon our Regional Partner corporate structure. Resortia is a holding company that has equity ownership in all of our many operating entities that we own in partnership with individual Regional Partners. Resortia provides the infrastructure, business enterprise systems, brands and marketing strategies, as well as administrative, legal and accounting support for the Regional Partners in each market.

We carefully identify and select a Regional Partner for each market who purchases an equity interest in the company and then takes local management control and ultimate responsibility for growing the business in partnership with Resortia. Our local Regional Partners work personally with the customer to drive the transactional business by developing strategic relationships with both owners and property management companies.

Our Regional Partners collaborate with Resortia to develop customized business strategies to maximize the opportunity for success in their respective market. Regional Partners benefit from the network of like-minded partners as well as industry-leading business systems that have been developed to support a large network of businesses.


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